Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday we took Grandma to the aquarium and had a blast!  While we were browsing the gift shop I found this AMAZING USB Desktop Aquarium. It has a clock/alarm clock, compartments for desk items, a desk lamp, two lights in the water - one stays blue the other changes color, a pump that runs water through a faucet and it plays several different types of nature sounds.  My mother in law bought it for me as a gift and we went after dinner to buy a fish!  I got a blue/turquoise/red betta and named him Sushi.

Earlier that day I took photos of the kids and had them developed at walmart in one hour so I could get pick them up after the aquarium.  I laminated the photos and made Flat Kids!  I made 5 and plan to give one to TJ and the others to family and friends.  I hope to have everyone participate in the "Flat Stanley" project where you go around to fun places and take pictures with the Flat Kids in the photo and email me all the pictures, when you're done you mail the Flat Kids to someone else - it doesn't matter if we know them or not and they continue on with the project.  I think it would be so much fun to see the pictures we get back.  I hope we get a lot of participation!

Later that evening we went out to eat at Max and Erma's  We really enjoyed the restaurant and the food!  The girls got a drink called Beetlejuice and it was sprite mixed with grape juice and gummy worms on top of the cup!  They also had an all you can eat sundae buffet in an old fashion bathtub!  On Tuesdays they allow kids to eat free - this will end up being a treat for the kids for good behavior.

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