Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today my mother and law went shopping.  We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and I spent the last of my gift cards from my wonderful friends in NY.  I bought lots of stuff to help transform the house into a beach house and I love it all!  When we came home we saw Howard, his girlfriend (currently named Molly only because I forgot the first name we picked out for her and Peyton wants her to be named Molly), and another random duck all huddled down in the bushes next door.  We haven't seen Howard all weekend which is very odd for him and today was the FIRST time since we've moved in that he saw us pull up and did not come running.  We thought they had eggs but it turns out there were none.  I'm thinking they will have some soon though and as much as I hate to think about the amount of duck poop in my front yard when this happens - because I am sure Howard will talk his wife into brining the whole family over for a snack - I am just as excited to have a yard full of ducklings to play with and take photos of!!!!  I'm really hoping for some ducklings and wont mind the excessive poop (we'll just pick it up with the pooper scooper) as long as they don't take up residence in the front yard, which I don't think they will because they live in water right???

After I dropped my MIL off at the airport today I decided to be ambitious and try to mow the lawn.  I did not attempt to edge around the yard because for one I didn't think I would get the gas powered edger started (hate that thing) and for two I knew if I edged I wouldn't mow because it would make my back hurt too bad.  So anyway I go to mow the back yard and the dog keeps laying right in front of me.  I yell at her to move and she gets up, saunters over a couple of feet and plops back down right where I need to go next.  I get her inside and finish the backyard up peacefully.  Then I go out front and who comes running up - yep Howard!  He walks in front of the lawn mower the entire time  - super slow not even scared and just stays in my way the whole entire time I mow the front yard!

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