Friday, May 4, 2012


Grandma treated us to the Cinema Cafe today!  We were waited on while watching a movie!  It was awesome!  We ate dinner, had popcorn and watched The Lorax!  It was a great movie and we all really enjoyed it!  We met up with friends that we knew from 7+ years ago when I lived here before.  I told my friend Tiffany that the movie made me want to go home and knit a thneed...LOL  We had a great night but came home to a very hot house.  The kids were up until about 11 constantly coming downstairs crying about how they couldn't sleep because they were so hot.  It's currently 11:33, everyone just fell asleep and now we are having a thunder storm.  Something definitely just got hit by lightening because I just heard one of the loudest thunder cracks ever.  Amazingly everyone is still asleep and the only one freaking out is the dog.  I really miss thunder storms but tonight really isn't the night...

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