Wednesday, May 2, 2012


On Monday we were invited to a friends house for dinner.  We ate with Sarah, her friend Lindsey and Joy!  Joy is my partner with You Drive Me CrAfTy and recently moved to Virginia Beach!  I'm so happy to have her here!  We had a great time and it was nice getting out and being with friends.

Tuesday I registered the girls for girl scouts.  They are now officially girl scouts but wont be assigned to a troop until the Fall.  There's a chance there wont be any troops to assign them to and then we'll have to figure what to do but for now I'm hoping they will both be able to join a troop and kick off their girl scout activities.

Called the doctor today to try and make an appt for some minor issues and was told that I was already in the system from when I lived here 7 years ago and the system creates an error when you're entered twice and that she had to basically submit a trouble call to have the first me deleted from the system before I could make an appt.  My husband already called to set us all up here and this wasn't mentioned then.  So for now...I wait.

Also today our air conditioner broke.  A breaker is tripped and will not stick in the on position, I have no idea what to do so I had the property manager call an electrician.  I just hope there's a way he can get here today because it's currently 82 degrees in the house and we're all roasting!

Some good new - my MIL arrives tomorrow!  We are all very excited to have her come visit and plan on doing lots of fun stuff while she's here.  We may go to a Sesame Street Live show on Saturday - it's a program being put on at the different bases around here just for the troops and it's geared toward military kids which will be great!  We also plan to show her the aquarium and anything else we can get into.

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