Sunday, April 29, 2012


We had a great weekend!  On Friday we checked out the giant park at MT Trashmore - I believe it was called The Kid Zone or something like that but Peyton keeps calling it Trashville which is hilarious!  It was seriously one of the largest parks I've ever seen with every type of playground equipment you could imagine plus tons I'd never seen before.  They took one look and ran off in 3 separate directions!  I spend the entire evening looking for my kids!  It's not fenced in so they could run right out into the parking lot and then go further to the street so me being the control freak parent that I am didn't enjoy that part of the park so much.  I lost Tyler several times and tried to force Brooke to stay with him most of the time but she kept losing him too and then of course wanted to go off on her own.  It was very stressful but exciting at the same time because they had a blast!
Here is a layout of what it looks like to give you an idea of how huge it was!

On Saturday we went back to the aquarium for a special program called Playdate with the Animals.  The kids got to do special arts and crafts and see a lot of the animals being fed that they normally don't show you.  We took a neighborhood child with us that Brooke met at the bus stop and had a blast!  We especially enjoyed watching the snapping turtle eat live crawfish.  We also got to see them feed the crabs and horseshoe crabs.  The kids love the aquarium, I'm so glad I bought them a membership!  Saturday night we had friends over for dinner that we knew from NY.  We had a great time and all of the kids really got along.  We happened to see a baby opossum go under my shed that night so now I'm wondering how many are under there and what we should do.  I read online that they female opossum can have up to 25 babies!!!  YIKES!

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