Thursday, April 26, 2012


Took Peyton to kindergarten registration the other day. They do it sooo differently here! You bring your child in and they take them away in groups to a classroom. They did a craft and rode a bus. The whole time they were gone all the parents sat in the cafeteria and filled out paperwork. I filled everything out - it was TONS!!! And I couldn't even register her because her physical was no good. I was told that as long as it was within the year it would be fine, and it was, it was done in July of last year. Well at the registration they tell us it has to be done within a year of the first day of school, so I couldn't turn in any paperwork, but that's ok at least she was able to ride the bus and hang out at the school for a couple of hours. I scheduled her physical with her new doctor sometime in May - I hope we like him! There were no questions or testing conducted at this event but I did get a letter saying that we would be called to set up a date to bring her in for further screening. When the kids were done in the classrooms they came back to the cafeteria to have milk and cookies. I was in line to talk about my paperwork and jumped out to go snap the pic above. Peyton asked a teacher if she could have an extra cookie for her brother and she said no, so Peyton broke off a chunk of her cookie and gave it to him. She is so sweet! I really love this school and if anything I'm glad we picked this house for the school the girls will be going to.

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