Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our friends from NY planned a family vacation during Spring Break to Virginia Beach, we were so excited to see them again. Especially the kids. Jamie is a great friend and a fellow crafter. Her and her husband made me a wooden sign for my craft business and gave it to me as a surprise just before we left. They also made our family dinner on our last night in NY. We met up with them on April 10th for some mini golf at Jungle Golf in Va Bch: That place was neat. Lots of fun for the kids, offered a military discount and you pay once for all day admission. You can even come back later with your receipt and get back in! Anyway, we didn't keep score but I'm pretty sure I won ;) After golf we went back to their hotel and swam in the indoor lazy river. Another great friend from NY, Stacey DeRoller, suggested this hotel and it was great! We are hoping to take the kids to spend the night there during the winter so we can play in the water when it's cold out. After swimming we went to eat at the Jewish Mother where TJ and Chris did the dagwood challenge. They tried to eat a 5-7 pound sandwich and fries in an hour, if they completed the challenge they would have gotten the $30 sandwich for free and got a tshirt. Unfortunately they both quit about half way. They plan on training the remainder of the year and trying again next year.

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Sarah said...

We coulda killed that....make sure TJ knows I would've left with a shirt, lol. ;)

McGonigal said...

LOL I will! You guys should come up when he's home and all do it together!