Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up Yonda Butterfly Garden

Today we went to a butterfly garden at Up Yonda Farms This place was gorgeous! They had several different nature trails and this awesome butterfly garden! The girls had a blast running around and pointing out the different kinds of butterflies and caterpillars they could find, comparing it to a chart provided in the garden.

The butterflies were gorgeous and fluttered all around us! We saw a few different kinds and really enjoyed watching them perched on pretty flowers.

I am not sure how butterflies reproduce. I thought it was more of the female lays eggs and then the male comes along and fertilizes them. After catching this shot I'm guessing they actually mate.

We got to see several caterpillars munching away on leaves. We actually saw a few different type. The Monarch is what we saw the most of. I never realized how big those caterpillars actually get!

Just before we left I saw something I've never seen before! A butterfly emerging from it's cacoon! I was so excited to be able to witness that! This place was amazing and I cannot wait to go back!

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