Friday, August 13, 2010

Tyler's First Birthday!

I cannot believe how fast this past year as flown by! Being a stay at home mom is the busiest, hardest, most rewarding job I have ever had but it sure makes time fly even faster!

On Tyler's birthday we took him to picture people to get professional pictures of him diving into his cake. It takes 45 minutes to get to the mall and Tyler fell asleep on the way. We had to wake him once we got there and he was mad! He was a total grump, refused to smile and cried anytime any of us said anything to him - including the photographer. TJ and I had to finger paint him with cake and did whatever we could to get him to smile for the pictures. At the end he got up on all fours and started laughing while crawling away from the cake, with an "I'll show you" attitude. That's when the above and below photos were taken.

Later that evening we had our close friends over for more cake and present opening! Tyler did not enjoy this either. Of course he's young and doesn't understand the concept of opening each gift, one after another. He would open one, get all excited over it and then we would pull it away to present him with the next. He would scream and hold his hands out towards the previously opened package. In the end we put a few small toys on his highchair tray and opened the gifts for him. This method worked like a charm!

The following weekend we headed to Hanover, PA where we would celebrate Tyler's birthday with family. He got another cake and even more presents. This time he was a pro and dug into his cake! He smacked the top of it repeatedly with both hands making cake fly everywhere. He grabbed at chunks and smeared cake all over! He even lifted fistfulls and dropped them into his lap! He rubbed his hair and face with frosted fingers and then wiped cake all over his grandpa's face when all grandpa wanted was a kiss!

It was a fantastic birthday and we just cannot believe our baby boy is now 1!

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