Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Medical Frustrations

It has been stressful around here the last couple days! I am more than ready for a break! We have lived here in Saratoga for over 2 years and have never seen the inside of the ER. I guess we are very lucky in that aspect but then we have an incident and all hell breaks loose! We've been to the ER twice this week, two days in a row with two different kids! Crazy!

I just picked Brooke up on Monday from visiting in PA. She had a mouth injury while she was there and had a tooth knocked out. Well we get home and she's trying to carry a human size fish pillow out of the van and just falls face first out of the door. On her way to the ground she smashes her face into the corner edge of the door, it slices a big gash in her upper gums. She starts screaming hysterically and her mouth instantly fills with tons of dark blood. TJ couldn't get the bleeding to stop so he took her to the ER. She is fine now but her lip is still swollen.

On Tuesday morning Peyton gets big purple blotches on her cheeks. I have no idea why so I let it go for a while and by early afternoon she is starting to break out in rashes and hives, complaining of her whole body being itchy. I realize by now that she's having an allergic reaction to something but we have no clue what it could be! We noticed that Brooke's clothes came home smelling extremely strong of perfumed laundry detergent so we thought she may have come in contact with that. By evening Peyton kept saying "I can't handle this" over and over. She said her body now itched and hurt all over. Her hives got a lot worse and her hands, feet and under her eyes started to swell. She went to the ER and was given meds. She feels better now but we still have no idea what caused this reaction!

Monday night after Brooke got home from the ER, Tyler passed out again. So hopefully now that all 3 of them have had some drama they will calm down because I can't take anymore! For those of you that weren't aware Tyler has been passing out from pain or from being scared. After doing some research and taking him to the doctor it sounds like it's somewhat common and nothing to worry about. I've never heard of babies passing out in my life and it's extremely scary! We are currently suppose to keep an eye out to make sure he's not have a seizure during his spells but so far we don't think he is. This picture is right after he passed out at the Saratoga Race Track. It's hard to tell how pale he is but his face and lips were grayish white!

Here is some info on breath holding spells:
Tyler has the pallid form

On a positive note Brooke starts first grade next week and Peyton will start preschool. They both start swimming lessons. We are definitely ready for some normalcy around here!

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