Sunday, November 1, 2009


Brooke is still loving kindergarten. She comes home from school every day and has art to show me and these small paper books that only have one word with a matching picture on each page. She sits down and reads the whole book to us and always says the correct word. She's very excited to be learning how to read. Brooke finished soccer this past week and was in a small award ceremony where she received a medal. She scored 2 goals in her last game and was very proud of herself! She's looking forward to starting gymnastics this week. Brooke loves her baby brother so much, she's always trying to tend to him in some sort of way. She covers him with his blanket, reads to him, replaces his pacifier and talks to him all the time. He's just as smitten and smiles at both girls whenever they are around. Brooke will be 6 in January...right around the corner, it's so hard to believe how big she has gotten so fast! We are planning slumber party for her and I know she'll love it!

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