Sunday, November 1, 2009


The kids really enjoyed Halloween this year. Our month of October was filled with Halloween related arts and crafts and recipes. We had so much fun making paper pumpkins, paper masks, carving pumpkins, coloring Halloween pages, making maringue bones, Frankenstein tamale pie and pumpkin smoothies! They got great use out of their costumes this year getting to where them to the YMCA, Housing Halloween Party, Halloween Parade, MWR Halloween Party and of course Trick Or Treating! On Halloween evening it was very rainy and windy. TJ stayed home with Tyler while the girls and I set out with umbrellas. They got soaked but had a blast! I stayed on the side walk while the girls went door to door together and they were so brave! They were hardly scared of anything and yelled out "Trick or Treat!!!" at the top of their lungs at everyones door! They both rememered to say thank you at each house and giggled the whole way around the block. When we got home they were so excited to show TJ all the candy they had collected...both pumpkins were bulging!

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