Sunday, November 1, 2009


I absolutely cannot believe that Peyton will be 3 next month! It was like yesterday when she was just as small as Tyler! Peyton is our talkative one in the family. She always has something to say or some sort of question and she has quite a sense of humor! She's my little helper during the day while daddy and Brooke are away. She often tells me that she misses Brooke while she's at school but we try to keep busy so she doesn't think about her being gone too much. Peyton LOVES going to the bus stop to drop off and pick up Brooke. She stands on the sidewalk and waves to her in the mornings and afternoons. Peyton finished up two of her play groups at the YMCA last week and will start gymnastics this week. She's very excited to start but is also interested in playing soccer. We told her when gymnastics was over she can pick which one she'd rather do.

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