Sunday, July 19, 2009


I do not sleep at all anymore! I know it's because of the pregnancy and as soon as Tyler is here I'll want to sleep all the time and probably never be able to. However for the time being I am up ALL night long most nights. Only 19 more days...hopefully less =)

Today the girls made bracelets for themselves and their penpals. I've never done any beading before and we had so much fun! I'm going to want to make beaded jewelry all the time now! Here are some pictures of their work:

Most of you received an email from me a while back about my food blog. I'm having a lot of fun trying new recipes and adding them to the blog if we think they are good. I'd love for all of you to share a recipe with me so I can have an even larger variety. Also if you've made or eaten anything that's posted on my blog please rate it and/or leave comments! If you haven't, make something! I promise, it's all yummy! When you view the blog be sure to read the about section, it'll explain how to view all the recipes under their categories.

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