Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Brooke is very excited to start kindergarten in a couple months. The two activities she's looking forward to the most is riding the school bus and being able to use a computer. Lately she's really been into dancing, we have two dvd's that teach you how to dance ballet and hip hop, she can pretty much do both routines just like on the dvd. She dances very well and really enjoys the exercise. I really wanted to get her into swim lessons but that didn't work out so we took her to the YMCA and are working with her ourselves. As long as she has some type of floating device she will swim by herself and she's doing great! She's also started writing penpals, thanks to a mommy playgroup I belong to. She has two penpals, a boy and a girl and she loves writing them (telling me what to write) and coloring pictures for them. We are suppose to meet the penpals on August 1st which will be very exciting for her.

Peyton whom we affectionately call Paypen now because that's what she calls herself is doing fantastic on the potty! Peyton started regularily using the potty at 15 months when she was in daycare. She moved up to a new classroom just before she turned 2 and completely regressed and stopped using the potty at school and at home. It's been tough trying to get her back into it but all of a sudden she's interested again! She picked out Dora panties at Target last week and every time she wears them she has absolutely no accidents! She even woke up in the middle of her nap the other day while wearing pull up and ran downstairs yelling "I gotta go!" We are very proud of her and not to mention thrilled that she may be out of diapers by the time Tyler is here! Peyton is also writing a penpal. I'm not sure if she truely gets the concept but she constantly asks me what her friends name is and she talks about her all the time so she's understanding part of it. Peyton is still very obsessed with shoes and wants new ones every time we go to the store and changes her shoes several times a day.

Tyler is doing great and will be here soon! I am now 36 weeks pregnant (9 months) and 1 more month to go! At my 35 week appointment my doctor informed me that I am 1 cm dialated and they are thinking he may come early. I'm really hoping he does but we'll have to wait and see. I recently had an ultrasound and he is in fact head down ready to go and weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz. This has definitely been a very easy pregnancy but I'm ready for it to be over! I've been having severe back pain making it difficult to walk and bend over and with the amount of stuff I drop these days, that's no fun!

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