Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today hasn't been great.  The kids have been fighting all day.  Tyler has kicked Peyton in the chest and the nose.  Peyton whipped Tyler in the eye with a blanket.  They keep arguing over toys, not listening and talking back.  Today I tried to work with Tyler on potty training.  As soon as we woke up I put him in underwear and made him sit on the toilet every 10 minutes and offered him juice constantly.  He sat on the toilet about a dozen times and never went.  He ended up peeing on the kitchen floor while he was drinking his apple juice.  I put a diaper back on him and I'm done working with him until he shows me some type of interest.  On the up side of things I got to facetime with TJ today and talk to him twice on the phone.  He sent me several pictures and a video so that sort of made the day better.

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