Thursday, June 14, 2012


We didn't do too much today.  I made a baby owl hat.  Brooke has 2 day left of school and they are having a pizza party on Friday.  I have to send her in with a drink.  I think I overpaid for her lunch account, hope they carry the credit over for next year!

I worked with Peyton on some kindergarten skills that they sent home at registration.  She did great!  She knew all of her letters, although had a little trouble with q and v.  She knew all of her numbers 1-20, she wrote her first name, can count to 20 (and higher), knew all her shapes and colors.  The only thing on the list she had a hard time with was what sounds do the letters make so I will work on those with her over the summer and she'll be good to go for kindergarten!  She also did math in the van tonight and was so proud of herself when I pointed out what she did.  She said "we got these two toys today but we already have two, so now we have four"  I said, no we gave one away and she said "Oh I mean we have three"  I told her she just added and subtracted and explained how she did it and she was over joyed!  She's so nervous that she doesn't know enough for kindergarten.  She's so funny.

We went to Joys tonight and I worked on the dreaded brain hat while the kids played.  They had a lot of fun and it was nice sitting and talking with Joy.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow other than cleaning and I might go grocery shopping.  I also want to pick up some items for TJ's first package!

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