Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today I took Sarah and Maurice to the oceanfront to walk around.  It rained the whole time which stunk but then we sat down and dried off while we ate lunch.  They left today so now starts the count down until my mother in law arrives.  When Brooke got off the bus we ran to Michael's and Petco.  At Petco we decided to pick up a couple new fish.  After dinner the kids wanted to listen to music so I put on itunes and Photograph came on by nickelback and they both started crying and asked me to change it.  =(

I was so concerned with booking activities for all of us that over booked next week!  I signed the kids up for Vacation Bible School and never wrote down the dates so I've been scheduling stuff like crazy and now I'm going to have to figure it all out.  I rescheduled one thing already, I'm going to just let the others sort themselves out and play it by ear.

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