Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today I woke up early and got a surprise facetime call from TJ!  It was great seeing him and talking to him.  Shortly after our talk I got ready and we all went to the Virginia Aquarium.  We had a great time and went out to lunch at McDonald's afterwards.

Everytime we would to go McDonald's as a family I would give TJ my pickles off my cheeseburger.  I like pickles - just not on sandwiches.  Well today as I slowly slid my pickle off my burger I thought, I wish TJ was here so I could give him my pickle, as I pulled it out and look at it, it's in the shape of a heart!  
We came home and Sarah and Maurice took Mo and Brooke to a Monster truck place in NC.  Brooke got to ride one of the monster trucks!  While they were gone TJ called again, said he had a good steak dinner and went swimming with some of the guys he met from his ship.  They are flying out early in the morning to catch up with the ship.


We are about to have dinner and if everyone is up for it I was thinking about taking a ride down to the Oceanfront.  

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