Monday, June 11, 2012


Last night we played with sparklers in the back yard.  The kids had a blast!  Thank you to Sarah and Maurice for bringing them back with you!  I'll have to buy a bunch of packs for 4th of July!

TJ arrived on the boat this morning.  He said that the plane ride to it was an experience, I can't wait to hear all about it the next time we get to talk!  I'm so happy that he's safe and on the ship and can now start learning his job.  I hope he loves his job, I have a feeling he will.  We started a weekly count down chain today.  Since he left on a Friday we will cut one link off every Friday to show the number of weeks we have left.  A daily one would be too depressing but I'm loving the weekly one!

Today Sarah and Maurice took their son to MD to drop him off for a while and they'll be back tonight.  We plan to take a trip to the oceanfront tomorrow so they can see the shops, the boardwalk and best of all the ocean!  I might try to take the kids yearly pics out there tomorrow, depends on what time we go and how many people are on the beach.  

This week is Brooke's last week in school.  Soon after that she'll be leaving us for 5 weeks to CA.  I need to start booking some more visitors!

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