Friday, June 8, 2012


Today was the big day, the day to say goodbye for the second time.  This time for a lot longer than the first time.  Today was such a hard day for all of us.  We tried to enjoy the day as best we all could but it was really hard knowing what was to come.  We went out to lunch together, went to a frozen yogurt bar (Skinny Dip) together, came home and watched a movie together and then went out and had dinner together.  TJ had to be at the airport by 5pm even though his flight doesn't leave until 8pm.  We originally planned on the whole family going in and sitting with him until he needed to board, TJ changed his mind and had us drop him off instead.  Tyler doesn't really understand so he was all smiles, the girls on the other hand...they were crying so hard they were screaming on the way home.  They were so loud they were scaring Tyler and I kept asking them to calm down because they were scaring their brother.  Then Tyler started yelling at them "GIRLS!  You need to calm down!  You're scaring me!"  That made me laugh.  I started talking to the girls about how fast this time will go by and all of our summer plans that will keep us busy.  They stopped crying and started talking with me and in no time they were goofing around with each other and fighting like usual.  We just got home and we're cleaning up the house and getting ready for my best friend Sarah to visit tomorrow.  Sarah's coming with her fiance and their son.  We are going to a petting zoo early in the morning and really excited to check it out.  TJ is going to call soon and we'll talk to him for most of the time while he waits.  This hurts so bad and is one of the hardest things we've ever done, all I keep repeating to myself is we are so fortunate that he is only doing part of the deployment and didn't leaves a while back when everyone else did and that we will keep busy to speed up this time apart.

UPDATE:  TJ just called and said that he sat down at a restaurant in the airport and struck up a conversation with a man in a business suit and they talked for a while.  The man bought TJ a beer and gave him a business card and told him that he was the president and CEO of a high end recliner company called barcalounger and told TJ to give him a call when he got back from deployment and he would send him a Christmas present!!!  How crazy is that?

Right after dropping TJ off I took Brooke to the house where she lived for her first year.  She's never seen the house before so she really enjoyed it.  I also showed the kids where I adopted Larkin from before Brooke was even born.

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