Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today is career day at school. The girls came in my room dressed for the day and they were both wearing their redskins jerseys again...this must be a tradition they are starting - wearing redskin jerseys whenever TJ leaves or comes home. I asked Brooke if that's what she really wanted to school for career day or if she wanted to just change when she got home from school. She said "nah, I'll just tell them I want to be a football player" LMAO! My kids crack me up!!! BTW she wants to be a preschool teacher.

Later Tyler, Peyton and I were all laying in bed together taking a quick nap before Brooke got home from school and Tyler kissed me and then put his hand on his heart and said "my heart grew" OMG my heart melted!!! He's never said anything like this before!

I love my kids =)

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