Saturday, June 16, 2012


Here is a pic of Tj at his steel beach picnic. That is when they cookout on the flight deck. He had a meeting with his department master chief this morning to go over his record and career and so the master chief could give him direction. He told Tj that he had the best 4 consecutive evals that he's ever seen and that he had no advice other than to keep doing what he was doing! He also said he could see him making chief or ldo first time up with a record like that! So proud of my man. He is the best!!!

 TJ and I typing back and forth this morning.  I think Apple liked the sound of the keys and kept running down to sit on my hand.  I kept moving her back up to my shoulder and she's run right back down.
Brooke's tonsils =(  She does not have a fever, no pain in her throat.  No problems at all, she ran around and acted totally normal all day and ate normal.  I guess I will take her to the doc on Monday.  Until then we are canceling all fun plans for the weekend.  Yesterday Brooke had to take a drink to school and she asked me to buy her gatorade.  I pulled it out of the fridge this morning (she brought home the extra) and I noticed it was FULL of white specs, way too many to be just back wash.  I got scared for a minute and thought gatorade poisoned her and that was the cause of the tonsils but when I asked her about it she admitted to crushing up smarties and putting them in her drink *insert eyeroll here*
I am very worried about Howard. I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks =( Buuuuuut his wife Molly brought the babies by today! I'm so excited! I knew it was going to happen! She brought them right up to our front door for us and she stood back and didn't eat a single piece of bread and just watched as we fed them! She was so pushy and demanding before the babies, I've never seen her act like this before. I feel so special, we had a blast!

Today I did laundry and washed some of TJ's clothes, he left a lighter in his pocket.  He would usually get in trouble for that but today it just made me smile.

I received the care package supplies in the mail today and started getting TJ's package together.  I got him a Father's Day card the other day.  I walked up to the shelf of cards and picked one up, it was the last one in the sleeve.  I read it and it was the most perfect card I've ever bought for someone, it was like it was written for TJ!  I can't believe it was the first one I picked up and the last one there...crazy!

The guy came to fix our door handle today and now I don't have to worry about getting stuck outside!  YAY!  We had Domino's for lunch and it was half price, I saw the deal on facebook so we tried it.  Their parmesan bites are great!  I gave away all of Tyler's sippy cups today and the woman who came to pick them up is a tupperware consultant and she brought me a free piece of tupperware, even though it was a marketing technique I still appreciated the free bowl and guess what, it's orange!  I got to talk to TJ on the phone today.  That was really excited except I did most of the talking for the first part and when I was ready to listen to him the call got disconnected and he couldn't call back.  =( He did get online and write me a few times though.

The kids went out back to play today and I went out to get them for dinner and what I saw really made me angry at first and then I had to go inside to laugh.  I walked out and there's Tyler standing on the deck with the hose in hand spraying the girls and they were running around screaming.  I yelled "what are you guys doing!" and Tyler dropped both arms to his sides letting the hose fall to the ground and quickly walked away very stiffly without looking back at me at all, almost as if we didn't make eye contact he could be guilty.  It was hilarious!  They all lied and denied turning on the hose so I never found out who did it.  Then Tyler was trying to gross out the girls by touching dog poop and they all got in trouble and had to come inside *insert another eyeroll*

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