Friday, April 13, 2012


We survived our first day with TJ being gone! I took the kids to a friends house and we ate and then had a bon fire and made s'mores. When we were sitting around the fire both girls said they wish that daddy was with us so we took a picture with the flat daddies! Then Peyton told me that I better not tell daddy what we were doing because he'd be jealous. I sent him the photo above and he said it made his night. =) The kids had a great time and I think occupying our minds did us good. When we got home things weren't so great. I noticed the bathroom light was on before we even got in the house. I swore all lights were off when I left. Then I walked around downstairs to make sure everything looked ok and our door that leads into the garage was wide open! I got pretty scared and had TJ on facetime in one hand and my cell in the other hand to call 911 if needed. I looked all around the garage and in closets and everywhere I could think of. Nothing was stolen or out of place so TJ and I think maybe one of the girls opened the door thinking we were leaving that way and never shut it. This really stinks because I don't feel comfortable in this house or neighborhood yet so tonight just set me back a couple of months...LOL I wish we could have gotten settled and comfortable here before TJ had to go....I need a roommate.

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Sarah said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Maurice isn't here either and I freak myself out with everything...hence me not sleeping and posting comments at 330am.