Friday, April 13, 2012


TJ left early this morning for a month long training in TX. Last night was rough. As he said goodbye to each child everyone was in tears, except Tyler. Tyler doesn't understand so he doesn't seem upset. The girls sobbed though. Peyton cried for what seemed like hours so Brooke slept in her room with her to keep her calm. Peyton must have pushed the recording in her new bear about a dozen times last night. Once in the middle of the night and a dozen more times this morning when she woke up. TJ called this morning and all the kids got to talk to him and everyone was excited, no tears, so that went well. They had breakfast and are now coloring the boxes/homes that their bears came in. I'm glad we are getting this month long teaser to feel out how everything is going to function while he's gone but we get him back for 2 weeks before he heads out on deployment. During the month that he is gone my mom is coming to visit for a week and my mother in law is coming to visit during the last weekend before TJ gets back so that will definitely help pass the time by! Also during this month I get to attend my first FRG meeting and register Peyton for kindergarten! I'm happy we have a lot going on, it'll make things so much easier. Tonight we are going to a bon fire with the Rommels at Jamie's friends house. The kids don't know yet, they'll be super excited when we get there.

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Sarah said...

That's the saddest picture made me want to cry. :(