Thursday, April 12, 2012


We moved into our new home on April 2, 2012. It was definitely an adventure! As we were driving to VA to pick up our keys we passed our moving truck on the highway! We got a call that they were in the area and ready to deliver that same day, so we picked up our keys and received our household goods 40 minutes later! The house wasn't clean and a lot of stuff broke during the next couple of days which we were informed was on us. A few pieces of furniture were broken also, so not the smoothest move but at least we are here and getting settled. We were greeted by a large duck in our front yard and the kids and I fed him left over pancakes from that mornings breakfast. We originally named him Pancake but he's since then been renamed Howard and he visits us daily. We have a zoo going on in our backyard and have seen multiple ducks, rabbits, baby bunnies, an opossum, birds and other critters. The kids love their rooms and the house has a nice amount of space for all of us. We really love the backyard and deck too. We are all unpacked but still organizing and rearranging and trying to find a spot for all of our stuff. I cannot wait until it's all complete!

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