Thursday, April 12, 2012


The day after we moved in I took the girls to their new school. Brooke started the following day but Peyton doesn't start until the fall. The name of the school is Glenwood Elementary and they are the Glenwood Gators. We went on a tour of the school and got to meet Brooke's teacher, who was very nice. The school here is very different from the one in NY and we love it! They have a contract with pizza hut and every Wednesday is Pizza Hut pizza day. They have a pretty extravagant menu with even popcorn shrimp! Parents and siblings are welcome to come for lunch any day they please and are welcome in the classroom. Brooke is very excited that we are allowed to each lunch with her at this school and keeps begging for us all to come. Peyton liked the school too and she can't wait to register later this month. When she starts kindergarten she will only go for 3 hours a day, 8-11, which is a bummer for her but we will survive. I think half day kindergarten is so silly.

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