Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today was a lazy day. We didn't leave the house at all. I found a whitish/yellowish bug crawling around in the bottom of Tyler's hamper and think it might have been a termite =/ I figured out how to work the air conditioner which is great because it got rather warm in the house and it was set on heat! I also set up a new garden hose out front which is much nicer than what we had before. This afternoon I made the kids popcorn mixed with M&Ms and let them watch the old school Lorax dvd. When it was over Tyler and I laid on the couch together and watched TV and the girls went upstairs and made me surprise Best Mom bracelets. They made them completely by themselves and did a great job, I love them! They even came down to measure my wrist =) We had chicken salad sandwiches with a side of baked penne pasta for dinner and ate outside. Tyler was chasing birds and screaming "hairplane!" every time an airplane flew by - which is A LOT here! I think I saw 10 in just the time we were out there to eat dinner. I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow, probably the same stuff we did today. I'm looking forward to Wednesday when my mom gets here and I get to go to my first FRG meeting.

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