Monday, March 26, 2012


We had the kids Easter pictures done on Saturday with Amy O'banion Photography. The kids had such had such a blast holding the bunnies and chicks. The pictures came out so adorable! I love them! We had a great weekend cooking out with friends, going out to eat and shopping. Lots of play before our real work starts this weekend! The movers canceled on us for today and said they can pack the whole house in one day, I hope they're right! We do have one moving company coming today to build a special crate for our fish tank and the rest of the day we'll spend going through more stuff, organizing, cleaning and packing before the movers get here. We have to pack all the stuff we want to take with us and hide it so the movers don't take it!
TJ had a ceremony at work on Friday. He received a NAM (Navy Achievement Medal) and a newly minted command coin. I'm so proud of his achievements at this command.
A friend of mine recently made me a wooden sign for my craft business. Her husband is into wood carving and he does a great job! TJ decided that he wanted to take a stab at taking up wood carving as a hobby. He's starting with carving chain links. Here's the beginning, I can't wait to see what it will look like when he's done!

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