Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tyler Talking

Here's Tyler talking to me. I can't believe how big he's getting, he'll be 3 months old in a week! He's very alert and awake a lot more during the day. He likes to sit in his bouncer seat and watch TV and he has a music toy he loves to lay under and smack the parts that make music.

Brooke couldn't be happier now that she's started kindergarten! She loves every part of it from riding the bus to music class and PE. She's still enjoying soccer and recently scored 5 goals at her last game! When soccer is over she will be entering gymnastics and will also start Daisey Girl Scouts soon!

Peyton is such a character! She says the most bizarre things that you would never expect to come out of a 2 year olds mouth. She loves to talk and very rarely takes a breath. At least I have someone to talk to ALL DAY LONG while Brooke is in school. Peyton goes to two playgroup classes at the YMCA and has so much fun singing, dancing and playing with the other kids. She will be starting gymnastics with Brooke.

Here are some recent pics I took of the kids in the leaves. We absolutely love fall here. It's so beautiful! The girls love playing in the leaves and the snow is soon to follow!

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