Thursday, December 4, 2008


So I bought the whole family santa hats for the holidays. Well I accidently dropped one on Larkin's bed and she thought this was a gift for her. So while I was at work Larkin proceeded to shred the santa hat, when I got home I found it and thew it on the dining room table in disgust. Later while doing the dishes and the girls were eating I hear Peyton yelling "Christmas hat, Christmas hat!" I look up and Peyton had put the santa hat on her head and was yelling at me which was funny in itself but what happened next was HYSTERICAL! She let go of the hat and it feel over her face leaving a big whole over her eye. She peeked through the hole and started yelling "I see you!" I grabbed the camera but not fast enough. She pulled the hat off but I convinced her to put it up to her face and do it again for the camera. In this video she is yelling "I see you mommy, I see you Brooke" I wish I could have caught the first scene on camera!

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